A Night Run Test for the Event!

On Thursday June 28th the three of us organizers of the Moonlight River Run met at 10:30 pm at the EARLE Pub to head out on a night run along the river to experience what it is like to run so late and see how the lights, that will be supplied to each participant, work. 

Heading over to the Pub I did not know how I was going to find the energy to go run 5 kms so late, and I know  Nathalie and Shelley were feeling the same way. Once we got started, what Nathalie and I thought was only going to be a 5 km run turned into a 10 km run urged on by Shelley's enthusiasm to continue further. We thanked her in the end because it was so great! The three of us have known each other for a while and have done lots exercise together but realized it was the first time we have ever gone on a run together at the same time. This was a privilege. 

This 10 km run was an awesome experience and well worth it! We all found the energy from the beauty of the calm surroundings and we each had an amazing run. In the dark, time flies by and it is so different because you don't see everything pass by the way you do in daylight. It is only you and the rhythm of your feet beating the pavement one step at a time. 

The headlights add fun to the run. When hundreds of people are heading out with the lights and glow sticks, it will be a sight for the eyes!

We are all very excited for this event to arrive, see you on September 29th!  

Un essai de nuit avant la vraie course!

Le jeudi 28 juin, trois organisatrices de sont rencontrées au Pub Earle à 20h30 pour courir le long de la rivière, vivre l’expérience de courir à la noirceur le long de la rivière et vérifier le fonctionnement des lampes frontales que chaque coureur portera.  En me rendant au Pub, je me demandais où je trouverais l’énergie pour courir 5 km à cette heure de la journée et je me demandais aussi comment Nathalie et Shelley se sentaient.  Une fois parties, Nathalie et moi avons découvert que ce qui devait être un 5 km est devenu un 10 km grâce aux encouragements et à l’enthousiasme de Shelley.  À la fin, nous l’avons remercié pour cette expérience incroyable!  Nous nous connaissons depuis quelque temps et avons souvent fait de l’exercice ensemble; cependant, il s’agissait de notre première course ensemble.  Quel privilège!

Ce 10 km a été incroyable, une expérience formidable!  Nous avons tiré notre énergie de l’environnement calme et de l’une et l’autre.  Dans l’obscurité, le temps passe rapidement et les distractions qui assaillent sans cesse durant la journée sont éteintes par l’obscurité.  Vous ne vivez que le rythme de vos pieds sur le pavé, un pas à la fois.

Les lampes ajoutent au plaisir de la course.  Lorsqu’il y aura des centaines de gens courant avec des lampes frontales et des bâtons réflecteurs, quel spectacle ce sera!

Nous avons très hâte que cet événement arrive; donc, au plaisir de vous y rencontrer le 29 septembre.


A Big Thank You to All

Wow what an incredible day.. the sun and the moon were on our side for our first annual Moonlight River Run and Dayna, Shelley and myself are so grateful to everyone who helped to make it such a success.  We owe a deep and heartfelt thank you to all of the amazing volunteers who worked hard all day up until the wee hours of the night to help with the clean up, thank you to the exhibitors who generously gave of their time to share their products and ideas, thank you to the Earle Pub for donating the post race delicious hot chili, thank you to the sponsors (local businesses and Ottawa businesses) for their prizes and financial support, thank you to Peter Bussell for all his work on our website and continued support with marketing, thank you to Gisele Lamontagne for her outstanding efforts as a volunteer both with translation and at the event, thank you to the bands: Joshua Earth who so graciously came in at the last minute and gave a fantastic show and to the Shinsplints with their awesome sound and music, thank you to the municipality for the support, thank you to the police officers who did a great job keeping our race safe, thank you to community center for all of their help with equipment, tents and parking and also a big thank you to the fire volunteers for their work on our great night and last but not least thank you to the runners and to the residents of Wakefield for their great spirit and support.  We are so looking for forward to our next year Moonlight River Run which promises to be bigger and better, also if you are interested we have posted some pics and videos of the run at http://www.moonlightriverrun.com/photos--videos.html and there are more to come.  We had such a great night and we are very pleased to be donating from this event to the Wakefield Grannies, to the Wakefield Emergency Fund and to Sportjeunesse Quebec.  We are also very excited now to be working on our next event which is a winter event happening at the end of January so stay close as this promises to be unique, fun and an adventure.  

Big Excitement....Tonight's the Night

The weather looks perfect for tonight's Moonlight River Run. 

BOOM 99.7 are covering the event and the stages are set for the bands who are ready to rock the runners who participate in the first ever night run held in the Wakefield, Outaouais region. 

Tomorrow this will all be a wonderful memory, and we would love you to share your thoughts and reflections on this event with us.

Thanks for Participating.  

Nathalie, Dayna and Shelley

Wakefield Covered Bridge Run history and what's next for 2013?

The March, 2012 issue of Runner`s World Magazine had an article about the Chicoine family from Wakefield, Quebec, where they referred to them as `A Clan with a Plan`. That was after the family of 8 ran across Canada and the US from May to November, 2011 for a total of 15,000 kms. They called their adventure the Marathon of Health and they gave presentations along the way to various schools in order to raise awareness about health enhancement and wellness.

Dayna Chicoine, the third oldest of the clan, along with the rest of the family, started this annual running event in the village where they live. The first run was in April of 2011, where over 300 runners participated and in the 2nd year, May of 2012, there were 640 runners who took part in the event. They call it the Wakefield Covered Bridge run and the money raised goes towards improving recreational facilities for the youth in their community. To date this run has raised $24,000 that is in a fund to build the 2013 sports pad and skateboard park the the new Wakefield Community Centre. Wakefield provided the perfect venue for a beautiful run along the Gatineau River, through the Gatineau park while getting to enjoy a little taste of the small village.

After running across two countries and seeing the need for people of all ages to be more active, Dayna has partnered with two of her friends who helped immensely in the previous years of the Wakefield Covered Bridge Run, Nathalie Poirier and Shelley Crabtree, to create a special event company. It`s called Aegle Events and their mission is to create challenging and safe sporting events and health conferences for people of all ages and empower them to take action for optimal health. Aegle Events is dedicated to raising funds for local and global charities with mandates that target the health and well-being of youth.

The 2013 Wakefield Covered Bridge Run on May 4th has a lot in store! The goal is 2000 participants throughout the weekend. NEW! is a fun 1km BACKWARDS run for everyone to participate in! The children's challenge will be a 3 km run this year with prize categories for the young ones! The 5 km run is staying the same and for the 10 km run the route will take you down the main road through the village of Wakefield for a few hundred meters instead of going through the Condos. Last but not least, the Quad Buster Trail Run is going to be an exact HALF MARATHON for 2013, get ready for the crazy hills and challenging/rewarding event of the year in the Gatineau Park!

On Sunday May 5th 2013 the Wakefield Covered Bridge Run is also adding a duathlon starting at Lac Philippe. Run 9 kms, Bike 30 kms through beautiful farm land with rolling hills and then finish off with running another 5.7 km loop to Taylor Lake.

Tell all your friends about this event, lets make it another amazing one!