Can horoscope be trusted?

According to astrologers, the change in the movement of planets will have a change in their personality, but then there are so many planets besides the known ones that NASA has found. Remember Kepler-186f that NASA confirmed? It is the same size as the Earth that exists in the habitable zone of stars other than our Sun. Psychologists call this confirmation bias. People cling to sections of a horoscope that confirm or support their beliefs and ignore the rest.

Vyse says that this practice may have a psychological benefit. To the extent that reading your horoscope gives a sense of order or meaning to your life, that would be a good thing. The problem is that there is no scientific basis for the horoscope, so I think acting according to it is not good. As with Forer's experiment, he sent thousands of copies of the same horoscope to people of all astrological signs.

94% of readers answered that the reading was accurate and revealing. At the same time, a significant part of the population believes in the foundations of newspaper horoscopes. Sandbek says he worries that people who regularly check his horoscopes will seek guidance, not comfort. But he says that horoscopes can still provide a sense of comfort because people tend to focus on the parts that are relevant to their own lives.

Adriana Freitas, marketing manager in Miami, says she enjoys the right or lost nature of reading her horoscope. In reality, there was only one description, made up of newspaper horoscopes, and everyone received the same. The horoscopes in the newspapers, he said, offer a little comfort, a kind of seeing through the veil on a casual level. Gauquelin offered free horoscopes to any reader of a Parisian newspaper, provided he gave his opinion on the accuracy of his supposed “individual analysis”.

In astrology, personalized horoscopes are printed by date of birth and make vague predictions usually about the love life, success and health of people under the same horoscope sign. Following the public's interest in Princess Margaret's horoscope, the newspaper decided to publish several more forecasts of Naylor. But really, at the end of the day, do horoscopes do more harm than good, or rather than harm? It all depends on who you ask (and, of course, on the appropriateness of the advice given). Whether those features are the spoonful of sugar to help the medicine of difficult news go down or if people just take the paper for the horoscope, there is not much difference in the final result.

Sandbek says that people are more likely to read their horoscope in times of change or personal trauma because life seems to get out of control. So you read a horoscope, it says something is going to happen to you, and whenever something relevant happens, you attribute it to the horoscope you read earlier.