Can horoscope predict death?

When an astrologer can look at a horoscope based on the date, place and time of death, he can deduce what the person experienced at the time of his death. Astrologers who have studied death charts say that there is a significant difference in death charts from a peaceful transition and a violent or accidental death. Sometimes knowing the quality of a person's death can close loved ones and family. The exact time of death is actually very difficult to predict in astrology.

But the time of death can be calculated (almost around) with reference to planetary positions, Dasha and the Sub-Dasha period of the marakas. It should be noted that the dasha of a maraka is not intended to cause death or the dasha of a malefic for a particular lagna that does not inflict death affects the health of a person. It simply means that during the course of those dashas one may experience certain obstacles, which may be death or similar to the death of someone close to you or events that can change normal life. It depends on planetary positions, on Dasha and on the Sub-Dasha period.

There are no shortcuts or unique methods to predict the event. Many Elements, Factors and Combinations Can Cause Death. Astrology indicates things that may or may not happen. Only by looking at the positions of all the planets together with the Sun in the birth chart together with the Dasha system, can one arrive at the time.

Some of the planets that are karakas of death are Saturn, Uranus, Pluto, Neptune, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Sun. The specific time of death is actually extremely difficult to predict in astrology. This depends on the Dasha, Sub-Dasha period and planetary positions. There are no unique methods or shortcuts to predict this event.

Many elements, combinations and factors can cause death. Astrology hints at things that may or may not happen. Just by looking at the locations of all the planets along with the Sun in the birth chart along with the Dasha system, you can get to the time. Some of the planets, which are karakas of death, are Uranus, Pluto, Saturn, Neptune, Mars, Venus, Jupiter and Sun.

A school of thought tells us that the sign on which your imum coeli falls predicts the circumstances of death. The other argues that this information is most easily revealed by the sign on which the cusp of the eighth house falls and the signal on which the planet Pluto is located. Professionals have a lot of responsibility to prevent unintentional harm to their clients and, as stated earlier, predicting death is falling into disuse among astrologers. Because of its astrological significance, Saturn is perhaps the most useful planetary predictor of death, both of the time and the cause of death.

Planetary positions in the horoscope will specify the period in which death is most likely to occur. Mars is considered a “trigger”, while Jupiter and Venus are typically present in predicting an aspect of death. It is up to the astrologer to examine the entire chart to understand the influences of planets on death. In the dynamics of the horoscope, a planet is in autumn, looking at the first house, it speaks of negative changes in health and physical well-being and often indicates a serious illness, accident or death during its period.

But the question is, can death be predicted in astrology? , and if an astrologer can predict the date of death of an individual, should they?. For this reason alone, you can see how difficult it would be for astrologers today to predict the date of death of a person. Astrology, your zodiac sign, your horoscope and the tarot contain a very different message, which may be the reason why organized religion has a dim view of these occult studies. Astrology may not be able to predict the exact time or cause of death, but it can show us the great possibilities of how and when a person will die.