Can horoscope predict marriage?

A good astrologer can tell when a person will marry from birth details for sure. There are some cycles in each person's life when Marriage Yoga is active, so by identifying that cycle supported with Dasha and positive transits, any good astrologer can predict the right time for marriage. First you have to figure out which planet rules your seventh house. Get your own birth chart and look at the cusp (or beginning) of your seventh house and the sign you are on.

Then, look below to see which planet rules that sign: this is the planet that rules your seventh house. Marriage calculator assumes great importance in life; marriage makes or breaks the life of the native. The birth chart predicts whether a person is destined to marry or not. While some astrological combinations promise marriage, others deny it.

There are also planetary positions that delay marriage. As for men, the seventh house, their lord and Venus predict the time and nature of marriage. On the other hand, houses 7 and 8, their lords and Mars tell what awaits women in marriage. The seventh house of the birth chart is known as the house of marriage in astrology.

Houses 2, 5 and 8 are analyzed to make a marriage prediction. The main planets that are known as signifiers of marriage are Venus and Jupiter. In the female horoscope, the location of Jupiter is evaluated and in the male horoscope the location of Venus for marriage is evaluated. The location of Mars in the birth chart is also very important for the study of marriage horoscope.

Table D-9 or Navamsa table is also studied to understand the individual's marriage prospects. Predicting marriage begins with knowing the right time for marriage, who will be your future life partner, you will have love or arranged marriage, your compatibility with your soulmate, what your progeny will look like and so on many other aspects related to before and after marriage. So, astrological prediction for marriage will surely work as long as you get them in the right way, from the right astrologer and you yourself want to take these predictions sincerely. This type of horoscope bases astrological prediction solely on the position of the sun on the day an individual was born, without taking into account the position of the nine remaining celestial bodies or houses.

While it is a rather rudimentary compatibility test, using predictions from two named astrologers, the study finds no indication to suggest that the predictions of two independent astrologers are consistent with what is observed in the data. However, most horoscopes consumed by the general public in magazines, online and in newspapers are based solely on date of birth. Some 20 years later, in the UK, in 1988, Bauer and Durant (1999) reported that 73% of the adult population read horoscope or astrology reports, and most did so “quite often” or “often”. While a complete birth reading requires more complete information and is therefore also argued to provide a more accurate astrological reading, most horoscopes consumed by the general public are represented by an astrological reading of sun signs.

The relationship of the lord of the seventh house with the tenth house predicts that the life partner will be in a job or profession. Factors or karakas and their condition are seen to make predictions about the future life partner. Therefore, the actual average number of unions is lower than the probability would predict based on the index population distribution, disagreeing with the expectation that comparatively more favorable combinations of zodiac signs would be overrepresented among married couples. You can learn about the body characteristics of your life partner in the seventh house, the background of the eighth house, the career of the fourth house, the financial status of the fifth house and the location of the spouse in the sixth house of the native's horoscope.