Can horoscope predict pregnancy?

However, keep in mind that astrology cannot accurately predict this and that your pregnancy may be OK. Look at your fifth house to see how your pregnancy will go. Child and pregnancy prediction is a part of Vedic astrology that helps predict whether the couple will be able to father offspring or not. It is necessary to study the horoscopes of both partners in order to predict the birth of the child from the horoscope.

In addition, there are astrological remedies for child birth problems even though no medical problems are found. The answer I received was satisfactory, but I am waiting for the results predicted by guru ji. Yogas are combinations of planets formed in a child prediction horoscope that is based on certain Vedic rules and principles. Internal fear and anxiety about fulfilling the prediction may well have put her hormonal system into overdrive, which could have contributed to her not becoming pregnant.

And of course, this topic would not be complete without reflecting on the activity that was happening in the father's horoscope during the period of the mother's pregnancy. I think that important and powerful life changes are usually obvious and easy to see in the horoscope, if you know what to look for. Twenty-one of my 56 research horoscopes (37%) had examples of the Moon transiting or coming into contact with a solar arc, and 6 of those 21 had multiple cycles to the Moon during pregnancy. The position of the planets located in a child prediction Kundali would help determine whether the individual would be able to achieve the pleasure of a child or not.

So how would all this appear in the horoscope? Isn't it reasonable that the cycles that are present in the graph of a woman who becomes pregnant symbolize a big change of life rather than just references to fertility or the fifth house? As I was preparing for my lecture, I let my intuitive mind guide me to the horoscopes of celebrities who had planets in the AP by solar arc so that I could use them as examples. While astrology cannot predict whether and when a woman will become pregnant, looking at energy on a graph can show periods of major changes in a woman's life, which may indicate pregnancy, as well as how that pregnancy might influence her life and her approach to motherhood. So I only searched for transits of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, and included only the aspects of conjunctions, squares, and oppositions to the natal planets, lunar nodes, and angles in the horoscope.