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Race Kit Pick Up

Race kit pick up is one of the first places of contact with the runners. Friendliness, helpfulness are key to this activity.  The shift starts early and finishes when the last run has started.

Route Marshalls

Get the opportunity to be on the course with the runners, snowshoers and skiers while ensuring; all participants head in the right direction, follow the proper course and direct traffic for proper safety and no interruptions.

Water stations

Each team/water station gets to create a theme for each station and dress up in costume with music so that it creates a fun environment for everyone!

Recovery Area

This position is in charge of food tables at the finish line making sure all participants get what they need to refuel their bodies after their run!


You will be registering runners in the event on the morning of the run. This requires patience, attention to detail and handling money with responsibility. The shift starts early and finishes when the last run has started.

Start / Finish Line

These individuals take charge of making sure all runners have timing chips on their ankles before their run. Then when runners are finished chips need to be collected. Timing chips are then returned to Sportstats.

Chip Distribution

In this position, you distribute the race timing chips once racer is registered and received their bib number. You must ensure all runners get the correct chip and give them clear instructions on how to wear it.


Parking volunteers must be 18 years or older. Information and parking volunteers need to have a good knowledge of the event as one of the first points of contact at the venue. People arriving will be asking questions about the race kit pick up and transition area information so you need to provide information.

Please fill in the volunteer form and the Volunteer Coordinator will be in contact with you at least 2 weeks before the event.

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