Where is horoscope in the bible?

You are tired of your many councils; let them stand up and save you, those who divide the heavens, who look at the stars, who make new moons known. Because the king of Babylon is in the separation of the road, at the head of the two paths, to use divination. Shake the arrows; consult the teraphim; look at the liver. In this first mention of astrology in the Bible, God is speaking to the people of ancient pagan Babylon.

Middle Eastern archaeology has confirmed that astrology actually originated in the nation of Babylon, now called the country of Iraq. Cuneiform tablets representing horoscope charts dating back to the 5th century BC have been excavated. C. and earlier.

Astrology is an art of divination that teaches that the relative positioning in the sky of the Sun, Moon and planets has an influence on individuals and on the course of human affairs. In our modern times, as in ancient Babylon, an increasing number of people use the services of astrology consultants. The Bible alludes to astrology in the scriptures. And I would never judge you for doing something wrong if you like to have fun with a horoscope because I don't know your heart or your motives.

Each horoscope (or time domain) divides the location of the constellations, and each sign is placed into 12 unequal sections. If you ask a Christian astrologer, many will say that horoscopes were meant to lead us to salvation. If you are new to astrology, you may be surprised that the art of astrological prediction, the study of personality traits based on date of birth and time (also known as horoscope), came before the Bible. Out of curiosity and fun, millions of ordinary citizens read daily horoscopes published in mass circulation newspapers.

This is not an exhaustive article on astrology and the Christian; just some thoughts for the ladies who read here about what it means to follow a horoscope, follow God and be discerning.