Which horoscope belongs to which month?

The Capricorn Christmas baby is extremely dedicated to his goals and, although he is stubborn, he is willing to be patient and work hard to achieve it. When you first dive into astrology, whether it's reading your horoscope or researching the zodiac sign of the new person you like, chances are you're learning everything about a sun sign. The large, shiny and shimmering celestial body spends approximately four weeks in each of the 12 signs of the zodiac, and your date of birth can (usually) guide you to the sun sign you were born with. November 12 solid Scorpios babies.

Tons of HBD texts on May 4th? You're a Taurus. Keep reading for a complete guide to zodiac sign dates and meanings If you're wondering what your zodiac sign is, see where your birthday falls on the 12 zodiac sign dates below. If you were born on a day when the sun changes from one astrological sign to another called a cusp, you will need your time of birth to identify your sun sign. Astrologers consider the spring equinox to be the beginning of the new astrological year, so the horoscope page always begins with the sign of the Ram in March.