Why horoscope is so accurate?

You're a very honest person and you value honesty, but there have been some important parts of your life where you've had to lie. Have you ever read a horoscope and wondered how it managed to be strangely accurate? Or did you get a result on an online quiz that honestly sounded familiar to you? It could be due to a psychological peculiarity called the Barnum effect. Following the public's interest in Princess Margaret's horoscope, the newspaper decided to publish several more forecasts of Naylor. Gauquelin offered free horoscopes to any reader of a Parisian newspaper, provided he gave his opinion on the accuracy of his supposed “individual analysis”.

So you read a horoscope, it says something is going to happen to you, and whenever something relevant happens, you attribute it to the horoscope you read earlier. As I was curious, I looked at his horoscope for the next day and lo and behold, he said that today would be an ideal day to go on a date. There have been times when I look at this daily horoscope app that I have on my phone and it describes exactly how I feel and what I end up doing very accurately. A 1999 National Science Foundation survey found that only 12 percent of Americans read their horoscope every day or often, while 32 percent read it from time to time.

Newspaper horoscopes, he said, offer a little comfort, a kind of seeing through the veil on a casual level. In astrology, personalized horoscopes are printed by date of birth and make vague predictions usually about the love life, success and health of people under the same horoscope sign. Alternatively, you can also say that predictions based on your sun sign are a ready calculation or a fast-forward query for transits that affect your life, but the birth chart horoscope is a personalized horoscope based on your planetary positions, on your main %26 specific subperiods and the comparison of the planets in transit from your home planets. In reality, there was only one description, made up of newspaper horoscopes, and everyone received the same.

A specific aspect of astrology, predicting a person's future or offering advice on daily activities through horoscopes, is particularly growing in popularity. I had a HUGE fight with someone close to me and I read the horoscope to see if it said anything related to that and it did. Many people believe in astrology, and when they read their horoscope and follow its advice, they feel better. Basically, whether you get a personal reading, a horoscope, a birth chart reading, everything is based on planets, constellations and zodiacs.